Farm animal welcome

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In the Biggar and Peebles areas, the majority of our farm work is devoted to beef cattle and sheep. There are some dairy farms, both cattle and sheep, and a healthy population of smallholders who keep us on our toes with their fowl, goats and camelids.

Routine work involves:

Herd & flock health planning, including disease blood testing and analysis

Fertility testing, especially tup/bull semen testing, and vasectomy

Pregnancy diagnosis (PD)

Dehorning and castration

Worm and fluke prevention

Foot care

Emergency work is mostly carried out on-farm, although facilities exist at both branches to receive and treat smaller animals, e.g. calves and ewes:

Calvings, lambings and other obstetric procedures


‘Down cows’

Fractures and lacerations

We are also available 24 hours/7 days a week for emergency care. We do NOT outsource our out-of-hours service - you will see a vet you know.

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